Sign this Petition to Save Ringwood State Park

Sign this petition: Save Ringwood State Park! Don’t let Ford Motor Company use it as a toxic landfill!

Tell our elected officials and the United States Environmental Protection Agency to require Ford Motor Company to clean up and restore this beloved jewel of the New Jersey State Park system, ensuring it remains as beautiful parkland – and not to a toxic waste landfill threatening the health and safety of the disadvantaged Ramapough Mountain Indian Tribe.

For background, as part of the cleanup of the Ringwood Mines/Landfill Superfund Site in Ringwood, New Jersey, the polluter, Ford Motor Company, is trying to take back State parkland so they can use it as a toxic dump for their poisonous sludge and drums of leaking chemicals. Ringwood State Park and the neighboring Ramapough Mountain Indian Tribe homeland is dotted with former iron mines that once provided iron used in the construction of the United States Capitol Dome and the George Washington Bridge going into New York City. Yet recent testing shows these abandoned mines are leaking, and that the cancer-causing witches brew of toxic sludge and benzene could potentially impact the water supply for over 1 to 2 million people in this watershed!

Unfortunately, Ford has been secretly lobbying behind closed doors with the state and federal governments to allow them to take this historic area so they can continue to use it for toxic waste disposal and long-term containment. The goal of this, of course, is to save this global polluter millions of dollars, with scarcely a concern for its impact on the environment and public health.

This land belongs to the public! Don’t let them take our land away! Tell our government to REQUIRE Ford to remediate and restore it completely so we can enjoy a safe and healthy State parkland once again!

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I’m fed up!

I decided to start a website dedicated to the FACT that Ford Motor Company purposefully and deliberately contaminated a beautiful, historical town. The residents of Upper Ringwood have taken the brunt of the problem, but I fail to believe the rest of the town was left unaffected. The grounds they dumped on are northwest of where I grew up, and most of that area of Ringwood drinks from individual wells. How could this toxic dumping not have contaminated the aquifer? Are my auto-immune issues related to the toxicity of heavy metals? How many other Ringwood residents are affected to a lesser degree than those in the immediate vicinity? Maybe together we can start comparing diseases!